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“I’m Going To Run Away From Home!” » riverside51

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Me, Daddy (Carl) & Mama (Content) Ballestero

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  1. Praise the Lord.What a sweet story, I knew your parents,awesome saints of God. Pastor.Balistero awesome preacher and your mother the kindest lady, in Pentecost I have ever that was one sweet lady..always had a sweet smile and kind words to say . I loved them both and do miss them. I attented asis.Balisteros’funural service at Bro.Bookers, church in Realto,Calif. I wish I had a copy of that service just to hear her voice would do me good. I love you all.God bless you!!

    xSis.Diane Rios

    April 20, 2015 at 12:53 pm

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