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God Answered Her Prayer

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God Answered Her Prayer

Fannie Thorne lived with a deep dark secret. She didn’t know who her biological father was. Her mother was also born out of wedlock. Now, two generations in a row had endured all the whispers and shunning of polite society.

Other members of Fannie’s family were religious. Very religious indeed! Two of her brothers were preachers in the Assemblies of God Church.

Fannie’s Grandmother had not been allowed to marry the father of her child because he was not of the same religion. He was a professional boxer. Actually, he was the World Champion Heavy Weight Boxer, Bob Fitzsimmons.

A kind and loving Mr. Thorne married Fannie’s mother and adopted baby Fannie, giving her a last name.

Fannie grew up going to church. Her family settled in the Fresno, California area. They attended a large Assemblies Of God Church pastored by the renowned Rev. Charles Price.

As Fannie grew into young womanhood, she attracted the fancy of a dashing Catholic boy named Charles. They fell in love. Fannie had to push aside her Spirit-filled Assemblies of God background to allow herself to be married to Charles.

Against her family’s arguments and disapproval, she married him anyway. Charles and Fannie lived in a nice big house on S. Main St. in Los Angeles, only twenty blocks from the Courthouse.

Two sons were born to them. The Birth Certificates certify that the oldest son was named Charley, and the youngest son is listed as Joseph.

Soon after little Joseph was born, Fannie discovered she had Tuberculosis. For several years she struggled to survive. The Doctors weren’t much help.

She was treated in a Sanatorium in Fresno for her sickness. It was there that she desperately prayed for God to heal her so that she might raise her children. Her boys were now six and four years old.

When she lay on her deathbed, at the age of twenty-six, her brothers and aunts heard her pray her last prayer to God.

“God, would you save my baby boy and make him a preacher?”

Young Fannie died and was buried in an unmarked grave in Mountain View Cemetery in Fresno, California.

The boys were raised as Catholics in spite of their mother’s prayers. Little Charley and Joseph became devout Catholics and attended a Catholic school. Their father turned to alcohol for solace after losing his young wife. He never remarried.

The constant drunkenness of their father caused the state to take the boys away from their Father and place them in Foster Care. Joseph was placed in fourteen different Foster homes. He ran away from eleven of them.

More than fifteen years later, young Joseph went down to the altar the first time he visited his mother’s old church in Fresno. God filled him wonderfully with the Holy Ghost and he spoke in tongues.

About four years later while in the U. S. Army, Joseph found Christ Church in Oregon City, Oregon and was baptized in Jesus Name by Pastor Andrew Baker. God called him into the ministry, and he willingly accepted.

Joseph preached all over America. He preached twenty-five years as a Pastor and twenty-five years as an Evangelist. He travelled and preached everywhere, until his body and health gave out.

His Birth Certificate only showed the name Joseph and his last name. You knew him as Carl Joseph Ballestero. I called him Daddy.

My Grandmother Fannie Ballestero lay in her grave for nearly twenty years until it happened. And then… God answered her prayer! Just like she prayed, God saved her baby boy and made him a preacher!



Fannie & Charles

Fannie & Charles

Written by Martyn Ballestero

October 29, 2013 at 11:32 pm

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What’s He Crying About?

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What’s He Crying About?

I sat in a state of wonderment, leaning forward in my seat for nearly the entire sermon. I could not focus on anything or anyone around me. The preacher had my undivided attention. I hadn’t heard preaching on the Name of Jesus like this in many years.

To me, he was like a guide walking down the hallways of my mind, opening the window blinds and shedding illumination as he went. I stopped momentarily at each window and looked at views of God that I had never seen from that particular perspective before.

I wept unashamedly as my understanding was enlightened even more. My face smiled the best it could while I wept. Tears of Joy and Thankfulness continually streamed down my cheeks. I was enraptured.

For me, it felt like a God-Moment. The crowd responded wonderfully. My tired body wouldn’t let me stand the whole sermon, but the want-to was there.

I had never heard a sermon on the Godhead quite this amazing. It was too glorious for words. It carried me to a place that felt similar to what the Apostle must have felt like when he said he was carried away into the third Heaven.

On Thursday night of the 2013 UPCI General Conference, Brother Raymond Woodward stood preaching about the Name Of Jesus. The congregation came alive!

I couldn’t stop crying. I was so grateful for the Revelation of the Mighty God in Christ. Every emotion in me surrendered. Tears, amens, clapping, thanksgiving, rejoicing, hunger, passion, elation, and overwhelming joy came over me. My shoulders shook, while I sobbed. I ‘lost it’ and I did not care who saw me.

This sermon was not a pop-psychology fix. It wasn’t some namby-pamby feel good discourse. This was the “finest of the wheat” and my soul was being fed like it had not eaten in a long, long time.

Doctrine. That was what filled me with joy to overflowing. I could not stop crying. I had never heard this Oneness Message preached and explained any more beautifully of more powerfully.

A middle-age man (who was raised in an Apostolic church) nearby looked at me and asked his neighbor, “What’s he crying about?”

What Am I Crying About?

  • I’m sorry to say, but if you have to ask why I’m crying, you wouldn’t understand if I tried to explain it to you.
  • If you had a revelation of the Oneness of the Godhead for yourself, you wouldn’t have wondered about me, you would have joined me.
  • If you really loved this Jesus Name message, you wouldn’t have even asked, you would have known.

Thanks anyway for asking, but before you go… could you hand me that Kleenex box?


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Written by Martyn Ballestero

October 13, 2013 at 5:55 pm