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Thank You Jesus!

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Did you ever have a day that you just started out thanking the Lord for everything you could think of? Not even thinking to ask for anything, but rather thanking Him for what He has already done? Today was such a day for me.

I drove down the Interstate in my rental car and began thanking the Lord for His blessings. It was a precious moment that seemingly came out of nowhere. It sounded something like this…


Thank You, that I woke up this morning.

Thank You, for a home to wake up in.

Thank You, for a good night’s rest.

Thank You, that when I got up, there were no aches and pains in my body.

Thank You, that you’ve let me live these many years.

Thank You, that I didn’t need help getting out of bed.

Thank You, for the food I ate today.

Thank You, for the food in my cupboards.

Thank You, that my bills are paid.

Thank You, for supplying all my needs.

Thank You, for my peaceable, loving and nurturing wife. Who just happens to be the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.


I’m Thankful that she loves You like I love You, and walks beside me on this journey.

I’m Thankful for five loving and wonderful children… a daughter, and four sons.

I’m Thankful that they all have received the Holy Ghost and live for You.

I’m thankful that it has pleased you to use them for your glory.

I’m Thankful that they all have wonderful spouses that live for You too.

I’m Thankful for thirteen loving grand children.

I’m Thankful that they all have the Holy Ghost. (Except for the baby, who is only two.)

I’m Thankful for the love and peace in our family.

I’m Thankful for every moment we get to spend together.

I’m Thankful for four wonderful daughters-in-law and a wonderful son-in-law.

I’m Thankful for a loving dad and mom that carefully raised me in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

I’m Thankful for my four loving sisters and their wonderful husbands.

I’m Thankful for my wife’s four loving sisters and their wonderful husbands.

I’m Thankful for my large and extended family that lives for you.


Thank You, for the day you brought me to an altar of repentance.

Thank You, for the day that Your Spirit drew me.

Thank You, for granting mercy and forgiveness of sins, to me.

Thank You, for washing my sins away when I got baptized in your Name.

Thank You, for filling me with the Holy Ghost.

Thank You, for a revelation of the necessity of Baptism in the Name Of Jesus.

Thank You, for a revelation of who you are, the Mighty God in Christ Jesus.

Thank You, for a revelation of the importance of the Church.

Thank You, for a pastor that instructed me in Your ways.

Thank You, for a revelation of Holiness and my need to live separately from the world.

Thank You, for a revelation of Your Covenant blessings to all who bring You their tithes.

Thank You, for the honor of working in your harvest field.

Thank You, for finding a place for me in your Kingdom.

Thank You, for every hungry soul you’ve led me to.

Thank You, for Calvary.

Thank You, that your Blood still works.

Thank You, for all the things you’ve kept me from.

Thank You, for the godly Friends You’ve placed in my life.

Thank You, for giving me strength enough for today.

Thank You, for giving me strength to stand for Truth.


I Thank You, for every valley You’ve brought me through.

I Thank You, for every trial and every tear that has brought me closer to You.

I Thank You, for every time You’ve made a way, where there seemed to be no way.

I Thank You, for every time You have convicted me and warned me that something was wrong.

I Thank You, for every time You’ve fought my battles.

I Thank You, for every joy You’ve brought into my life.

I Thank You, for every miracle You’ve performed just for me.

I Thank You, for every time You’ve healed my body.

I Thank You, for every time You restored my soul.

I Thank You, for every refreshing.

I Thank You.

I Thank You.

I Thank You.


My mind, by this time, remembered an old song. I forget who wrote it and I am also unsure of the title, but the words stuck in my heart…


Oh, Lord in my heart, I have something to tell

So I’ll start from the first…when on my knees I fell;

I asked for mercy and that You supplied,

Now my sins are forgiven; I have nothing to hide.

Just want to tell You I’m Thankful for all You have done

For the stars and the moonlight and the setting sun

When my work here is through, I’m coming home to be with You

Just want to tell You, I’m Thankful that’s all

When I feel discouraged, You’re there to see me through

Of all the friends I have known, there’s no one like You

All my needs You supply; oh, it makes me want to cry

Just want to tell You, I’m Thankful that’s all.

Written by Martyn Ballestero

August 10, 2012 at 12:03 pm

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A Private Company

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A Private Company

There exists a Private Company that specializes in secrecy, but is daily impacting lives and changing the world.

  1. This Company specializes in intense Membership training.
  2. Almost everyone in the Company eventually goes into some area of management.
  3. No unions are wanted or needed.
  4. Each local Company is autonomous. There is no Corporate Office.


At first, it is mandatory for every member of the Company to report in daily.

After tenure has been established, Members are encouraged to report in daily, but it is not mandatory.

From the first day in the Company, each Member’s position becomes secure.

Members might be ignored, laughed at, hated, loved, despised, or tolerated by other Team Members, but their position is locked in.


  • Each Member is encouraged to recruit a new Member into the Company.
  • Random cash bonuses may become available to all.
  • Each Team Member has the authority and ability to solve any Company problem of their choosing.
  • However, most Team Members create more problems than they ever solve.


Each One In The Company Chooses At What Level They Wish To Participate.

  • Yet, if they remain uninvolved, or uncommunicative, they still remain a part of the team.
  • Each Member has knowledge of a secret key to build up the Company or destroy it.


The Company is not allowed to go ‘public’ on Wall Street.

The Company never advertises on a billboard, radio, television or newspaper… Yet the growth rate is phenomenal.

Each Member, among their other duties, acts as an official Press Agent for the Company.

The public willingly believes whatever you, as the Company Press Agent, divulge.


  • Removal of a Member that has been recruited may take a court order, and is always traumatic.
  • Other Team Members may or may not help you on any given project. It’s their call.
  • Bankruptcy can’t even put the Company out of business.
  • There are never any dues


Occasionally there will be unannounced Staff Meetings, and it is important that all Members be there.

Seldom are these Meetings ever occasions for awards or commendations. They are always dreaded.

Any Member may call for a Staff Meeting.

Everyone knows who the Boss is.


  1. When the Boss dies, another takes that position without a vote or appointment. No election is ever held.
  2. Hurt feelings are a serious and common work hazard.
  3. Bitterness and Anger are the most common enemies of the Company’s existence and almost always brings disaster.
  4. Every Member has been known to support others on the Team in good times and bad.


Each Company Is Different. Some Are Involved In Activities Like:

  • Sports,
  • Politics,
  • Fitness,
  • Religion,
  • Food Preparation and Fine Dinning,
  • Money Management,
  • Travel,
  • Recreation,
  • Education,
  • Decorating,
  • Boating,
  • Big Game Hunting,
  • Child Care


Some welcome visitors, and provide a tour that almost always includes a free luncheon.

Others welcome the public by invitation only.

Security is highly prized in the Company.

Each local Company determines what benefits are desired, and when they should be dispersed.


  • The Company can survive and even thrive in capitalism or communism.
  • It matters not if it is in a country ruled by a King, a President, or a Dictator.
  • It matters not if it is located in an urban setting, rural or even in the ghetto.
  • It survives in spite of zoning laws, no parking signs, economic down turns, or holidays.


All Members retain their position for life.

There is no ‘30 and out’ requirement.

There is constant gossip at the water cooler.

Invasive Background Checks are not uncommon.


  1. Private calls are not frowned on, but rather encouraged.
  2. While dress codes differ, there are no uniforms or name tags.
  3. The Company will thrive without advertisement. Its name will never be seen on a billboard, in a commercial or a newspaper.
  4. The Company’s only means of public awareness is by word of mouth.


What Is This Company?

Where Can I Find One In My Area?

You’re Too Late.

You’ve Found It Already.



You Have Been A Working Member Of A Private Company For Years Already!

Thanks Right!

  • I’m talking about your Family.
  • Your Family!
  • Your Family is what you make it!
  • What are you making out of your Family?

Written by Martyn Ballestero

August 7, 2012 at 10:30 am

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Some Men Don’t Dress Up For Church Anymore!

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Some men don’t dress up for church anymore. Churches where all the men wear suits, are rare. Does this reflect our ‘comfortable’ thinking about God? Is it that we bought into the concept that God ONLY looks on the inside? I don’t know. I sure don’t have an answer. If you don’t dress up for God, then when would be an appropriate time to dress up?

Young men wear a suit or a tuxedo to the prom.

Men wear a suit when they marry and pledge their love to their bride.

Men wear a suit to the job interview.

Men wear a suit to drive a limo.

Men dress up to serve your food.

Men wear a suit when they are on TV, to make a good impression.

Men wear a suit when they stand before a Judge.

Men wear a suit when they sit on the witness stand, to impress the jury.

Men wear a suit when they are in the company of the Mayor.

Men wear a suit when they are in the company of the Governor.

Men wear a suit when they are in the company of the President.

Sadly, this is too true!

Some men don’t dress up for church anymore!

  • How important is church to you?
  • If it doesn’t mean much,  your choice of attire will soon reflect your opinion.
  • Being in the presence of the Lord, is the most important part of my day.
  • I will always dress up for the occasion.

Written by Martyn Ballestero

August 5, 2012 at 11:01 am