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He Didn’t Know Anything About Sin.

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He Didn’t Know Anything About Sin.


The little lamb watched as the two men approached. He continued to graze as they slowly walked among the flock and took a long time looking at each lamb with a critical eye.

He hadn’t been around humans very much. He knew little of them. He had no understanding of their nature. They were different from him. They were bold, loud, and they made him uneasy. He was a just a lamb.

As a lamb, all he had ever known was the peace of the morning sun, and the gentle breeze of the afternoon as he napped. He enjoyed the lush green grass of the pasture and the cool still waters of the little brook. He even liked the evening dew on his back. But, he knew nothing of anything else.

  • the_lambHe didn’t know anything about sin.
  • He knew nothing of shame or condemnation.
  • He didn’t know the meaning of stealing or robbing.
  • He knew nothing about hatred, or bitterness.
  • He didn’t know about addictions or substance abuse.
  • He knew nothing of impurity or immorality.
  • He didn’t know about lying or deception.
  • He knew nothing about not honoring his father or mother.
  • He didn’t know about idols or graven images.
  • He knew nothing of coveting or lust.
  • He didn’t know about jealousy or strife.
  • He knew nothing about sin.


He watched as their eyes focused on him. Soon, the older one reached down and held him while the younger began to examine him.

The lamb stood silently still as a hand rubbed down his backbone.

“Perfect,” the younger man said.


The hand ran down his front leg as the man continued his commentary.

“He’s not bow-legged, or knock-kneed. He’s not splayed or pigeon-toed.

“He’s perfect!” The younger man said again.


Then firm hands held him still as the men critically examined his head.

“Perfect,” the old man said.


They looked at his ears, and their placement on his head.

They looked into his eyes, to see if he was wall-eyed, bug-eyed, cross-eyed, blind, or injured.

They also examined his eyelids to see if they worked properly.

“Every thing looks perfect on his head too,” the old man said.


Then, the hands rubbed down his nose, checking for bumps, lumps or dips, before pulling his lips apart to look into his mouth. They looked at his teeth placement and checked for any abnormality.

“Check him for a over bite or under bite,” the old man said.

The lamb felt the hands turn his head sideways as the two examined his jaw.

“He’s Perfect,” the younger man said.


“Let’s check him for scars, or scratches.” The young man suggested.

Hands slowly examined his back, sides and legs through the wool.

“He perfect!” the younger man said again.


“Does he have scabies, or eczema?

Oh, and check his conformation again, and look once again for any other deformity.” The older man ordered.

When the examination was finished, the older man turned to his son and became serious.

“When you go to the priest today seeking forgiveness for your sins, it will not be you, that the priest examines. He will only examine the lamb. As much as I love you son, you can’t pass inspection. Neither can I.

“If the lamb is perfect, then we are forgiven! Only the blood of a perfect lamb will cover our sins. Just like in the Garden when a perfect lamb was slain for the sins of Adam and Eve.


“Now, this lamb is perfect, so take it to the priest and your sins will be forgiven. You have found the perfect lamb.”

The young man picked up the lamb, held it carefully in his arms as he walked towards the Tabernacle.


Old Testament – The Only Way To Remit Sin Was By The Blood Of The Lamb.

Exodus 12:5 Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats:


New Testament – The Only Way To Remit Sin Was By The Blood Of The Lamb.

John 1:29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.


1Pet 1:18 Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers;

1Pet 1:19 But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:


Heb 9:22 And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.


Today – The Only Way To Remit Sin Is By The Blood Of The Lamb.

How Does This Story Apply To My Life Today?

Only the blood of the Lamb of God can cover our sins. That happens when we are baptized and the name of Jesus is called over us in obedience to Acts 2:38!  (Just like everyone in the New Testament Church was baptized.)

Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Acts 2:39 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

Are Your Sins Remitted?


1. If not, and you would like a Home Bible Study in your home, please let me know. I will be happy to assist you.

2. Also, It would be my honor to direct you to a great Apostolic church near you!



Written by Martyn Ballestero

December 19, 2012 at 11:25 pm

Have You Ever Been In Two Places At Once? I Have!

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Have You Ever Been In Two Places At Once? I Have!

It sounds impossible, but it’s not. Actually, to those that can achieve the ability to be in two places at the same time, it will proved to be one of their life’s greatest blessings.

The Apostle John told us plainly that he had found the secret.

Revelation 1:9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Revelation 1:10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,

John was an aged prisoner. He had outlived all of the other Apostles. He alone remained alive.

He had been banished to Patmos because he wouldn’t stop preaching the name of Jesus.

patmosThe deserted isle was not some luscious paradise, nor was it a vacation spot. It was used as a death row type prison. Even its name told him that he would never be released from this evil place.

“Patmos” means “my killing” (Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names by J.B. Jackson). It was a sterile island. “Sterile” meaning “1. Unable to produce offspring; infertile. 2. Free from living . . . 3. (Of plants or their parts) not producing or bearing seeds, fruit, spores, stamens, or pistils. 4. Lacking inspiration or vitality; fruitless” ~ Collins!”

Picture in your mind what it would have been like to be condemned to a hostile environment such as this. Most would give up in despair, knowing they were to die on this desolate island prison.

His banishment here was meant to be the death of him. His enemies wanted him to die. This was a place of doom, yet the Apostle chose not to focus on his surroundings.

Rather, he wrote a whole Book about being in another place. He wrote about what couldn’t be seen with his naked eye. He wrote about being in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day!

  • On Patmos, John was in pain. And, at the same time… he was in the Spirit!
  • On Patmos, John felt rejection. And, at the same time… he was in the Spirit!
  • On Patmos, John was alone. And, at the same time… he was in the Spirit!
  • On Patmos, John had no encouragement. And, at the same time… he was in the Spirit!
  • On Patmos, death stalked John daily. And, at the same time… he was in the Spirit!


The Lesson Here Is, “You Don’t Have To Be Where You’re At!”


It Is Possible For You:

  • To be living in pain. And, at the same time… be in the Spirit!
  • To be living in grief. And, at the same time… be in the Spirit!
  • To be living in despair. And, at the same time… be in the Spirit!
  • To be living in defeat. And, at the same time… be in the Spirit!
  • To be living in a heartache. And, at the same time… be in the Spirit!
  • To be living in fear. And, at the same time… be in the Spirit!
  • To be living with cancer. And, at the same time… be in the Spirit!


So, Where Do You Live?

Are You Living On Patmos 24/7? Or, Do You Ever Live In Two Places At Once?

Written by Martyn Ballestero

December 17, 2012 at 11:09 pm

“How ‘Bout Cha Droopy Drawers, Gotcha Ears On?”

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“How ‘Bout Cha Droopy Drawers, Gotcha Ears On?”

In the mid-sixties, Brother Verbal Bean, preached a long and powerful revival in Port Arthur, Texas for Elder Verbal Bean 1977Pastor Murray Burr. The church experienced a mighty move of God during that time.

I was taking care of the church in Silsbee, Texas while the pastor; Brother H.B. Morgan was on vacation. I only preached the regular service nights, so that gave me the opportunity to go a few miles down the road and hear Brother Bean on my off nights.

I sat in the audience and listened intently to this mighty man of God. We all were awestruck with moving of the Holy Ghost in the service. I’d never heard anyone preach like Brother Bean.

Heavy conviction was felt throughout the building as we stood for the invitation to come forward and pray. We all stood there feeling the strong pull of the Spirit, when the unbelievable happened…

An eighteen-wheeler passed by on the highway in front of the church. The trucker’s over-powered CB Radio blared through the Church’s loud speakers with, “How ‘bout cha droopy drawers, gotcha ears on?”

The moment for most was destroyed. Smiles and stifled laughter advanced to the next level. The service was officially over.


Written by Martyn Ballestero

December 15, 2012 at 4:18 pm

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“I’m Going To Run Away From Home!”

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“I’m Going To Run Away From Home!”

That’s what I told my mom. I looked at her face and she didn’t seem to be overly shaken by the news, which

Me, Daddy (Carl) & Mama (Content) Ballestero

Me, Daddy (Carl) & Mama (Content) Ballestero 1951

was a good thing for me. So I relaxed a bit. I had already handled the hardest part. I’d made my big announcement. She smiled understandingly at me, as she touched my shoulder.

“Would you like me to help you pack your suitcase?” She asked, still smiling pleasantly.

My seven-year old brain didn’t pick up on the fact that she wasn’t overly shaken or alarmed by my desire to go, and was asking to help me pack.

I quickly accepted her assistance, because I had never packed a suitcase before. Mama was good at packing and always making sure I had everything I needed for trips.

I watched as she put my clothes in the little suitcase. There were enough changes to maybe get me through a whole week, which was good.  She made sure my little Bible and toothbrush were also packed in the suitcase. There wasn’t any room left for my brown teddy bear. I felt a major twinge about that. I hadn’t planned on being that alone.

Mama and I took a final look around my room looking for anything else I might need to take with me. Finding nothing, she closed the lid and handed me the small suitcase.

I stood there a little uncertain about how my goodbye should be handled. Our family was a kissy and huggy kind of family.

Should I kiss and hug her good-bye, or should I just say, “Bye” and leave? I was unsure. Before I had time to figure it out, mama made the decision for me.

“Honey, put down your suitcase right there, because I would like to take you on a tour of the house before you go.”

I sat the suitcase down and followed behind mama as she walked down the hall toward her bedroom. She stopped in the doorway as I joined her, and we both looked into her modestly furnished room.

“Since you are never going to get to see this room again, I thought you might want to see for the last time, where your mommy and daddy sleep at night. This is where you came every night to say your bedtime prayers and get your good night kisses.

“It’s also where you came every morning to get hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy. But, since you’re leaving you’ve probably outgrown all that now, so you won’t have to come back here any more, but I wanted you to see it.”

I took a big gulp. I didn’t want to cry now. I hadn’t expected a tour of any kind. I’d just wanted to runaway.

She then took my hand and guided me to my sister’s bedroom.

“This is where Beverly and your little sister Carlene sleep, take a good look, you’ll never get to see your sisters again. (Beverly was almost six and Carlene was two.)

Mama then guided me by my bedroom and I looked at my teddy bear proudly sitting on my bed. I felt a big twinge.

The tour continued into the kitchen. Mama took great pains to explain to me that this was where she fixed my favorite meals. She also pointed out where I used to stand and talk to her, as she cooked.

“Here is where I made your pancakes, and cooked your favorite meals. In here is where I baked you cookies, pies, cakes and your favorite orange crusted biscuits!” She said as she pointed at the oven.

“You probably won’t be having any biscuits, cookies or pancakes where you’re going. You don’t know how to make those, and you don’t even have anything to make them with, if you did. So take a good look around.”

I hadn’t thought about never having biscuits, cookies or pancakes again. There were some things about running away I evidently hadn’t thought out completely. I got very serious.

We then walked into the dining room and stopped at the foot of the table where I always sat.

“Here is your place at the table, son. It’s going to look awful empty without you in it!”

She let that sink in a moment before we moved on. She pointed at the chairs.

“Here is where your daddy always sits, and here is where Beverly sits, and Carlene sits here, and I always sit over there. Take a good look, Honey, because you won’t ever get to see this table, or eat with us any more.”

I began to feel more alone than I had planned. Mama walked toward the living room, and I joined her looking at the couch and easy chairs.

“Over here is your daddy’s chair. That’s where he always sits during family devotions when he reads us a chapter from the Bible or reads from The Bible Story Book.

“Here is where I always sit, and there is where Beverly and Carlene sit, and over there is where you always sit.

Mama placed her arm around me as we stood side by side looking the room over.

“Well honey, I think that about concludes the tour of our home. I know you won’t ever get to see it again, because you won’t be coming back. But I want you to know and I want you to always remember how much you mommy and daddy love you.

Never forget how much your little sisters love you too. We are going to miss you every day. You will always be welcome here, because we will always love you.”

Then without a lengthy delay she continued her goodbyes.

“Oh, one more thing, I know I’ve shown you all through the house for the last time, but why don’t you kneel down with mama where we always pray for our family devotions and tell Jesus goodbye.

“You probably won’t be talking to Him anymore either.”

Tell Jesus goodbye? That thought shocked me childish mind. I hadn’t planned on telling Jesus goodbye. All I thought I wanted to do was runaway from home.

Without waiting for me to give any verbal response, mama knelt down at the old sofa and began to pray as only my mama could pray.

Mama was one of those precious Holy Ghost filled mama’s that prayed them heart-felt and spirit filled prayers. She never prayed very long without everyone around her knowing she had touched something pretty wonderful in the glory world.

She began to pray fervently, crying quickly and speaking in tongues. This was how mama always prayed, but today’s prayer and her crying took on new meaning for me as I knelt there beside her.

I listened to her crying, and I felt sure I had made my mama cry because I was running away. I listened to her pray and speak in tongues and knew she was surely talking to Jesus.

I had only been on my knees less than two or three minutes when I began to cry. I placed my arm around my mama and pulled myself close to her.

“Mama, I am so sorry for wanting to run away. I’m not going to go anywhere. I’m going to stay home with you.

Please forgive me, mama. I love you. I promise, I will never leave you. I won’t even get married, or nothing. I’m just going to stay with you!”

She slipped her arm around me, and hugged me tightly as she gave me a sweet kiss. And then she went back to finish her prayer time with the Lord.




By chance have you been thinking lately about running away from Home?

  • Have you been considering leaving the Father’s House?
  • Have you?

Well, before you go, please, please permit me to take you on a tour of the church you’ve been part of for so long.

I want you look with me again at the place where the plan of salvation was first preached to you. I am pointing at the pulpit.

Remember feeling like you had sinned so bad that God would never forgive you? Can you hear your pastor’s voice once again saying that there was no sin you had ever committed that Jesus wouldn’t forgive you of? Remember him trying to give you hope? He was trying to tell you that God loved you no matter what.

I’m sure you remember him saying that you needed to believe in God’s promise, repent of your sins, be baptized in Jesus name, and then receive the gift of the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues. Just like they did on the day of Pentecost.

Please look right over here at the altar where you first knelt down and repented of your sins. Remember how you felt when you felt you repented that night?

Now, I want you to come with me over to the baptistery and look into the place where your sins got washed away in Jesus name! Remember how clean you felt and how wonderful that experience was?

Then, when you came up out of the water you lifted your hands and God filled you with the Holy Ghost. You spoke in a language you’d never spoken in before! Take a look at this place again and ask your self if the world has anything that matches that.

Oh, see that aisle right there? Remember all the times you shouted, and danced for joy down those aisles?

Remember the night you came up to the front and stood right there in a healing line and God healed you instantly of cancer? The world can’t offer you that.

Look over there at the third pew where you’ve sat all these years. Remember that Sunday night you stood and testified about God healing you? Remember that?

Come over here to this door, look in here. This is the prayer room you always went to before service each night. You fought a lot of battles and won a lot of victories kneeling right there.

Please walk with me down this hall. Here is the Pastor’s office. He sure loves you. Think of the many times he’s given you counsel, direction and encouragement.

I know you’ll never forget how he would pray with you, and for you, before you left the room. I hope you can remember what that was like, because you won’t have anything like that anymore.

Now, we need to come back out into the auditorium and look it over real slow. Let the faces of each one come to mind as you look at where they sat during service. They loved you. They rejoiced and shouted the night you got saved. Those dear people will pray for you daily, when they realize you are gone. They will never give up on you.

Never forget how much you are loved here. We are going to miss you everyday. Don’t ever forget that the Lord truly loves you and gave His all for you!

Well, that pretty much concludes our little tour.

Aw, before you go, why don’t you kneel with me right here where you always pray, and then you can tell Jesus good-bye too…





“Get Off The Road You Old Coot!”

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“Get Off The Road You Old Coot!”

In the mid sixties, my mild-mannered father, the late Rev. Carl J. Ballestero, was preaching in Fort Worth, Texas for Rev. C.W. Shew, a well-known and colorful pastor.

66sidedarkbigBrother Shew preferred his guest ministers to chauffeur him, in his own car. His car of choice for many years was a black Chrysler Imperial.

One evening on the way to service, my father was driving on a two-lane country back road behind a slow moving car driven by an older gentleman. The driver’s slowness irritated Brother Shew.

Every mile on the road was marked by an intersection with a traffic light. At one of the stop lights, the lanes changed from two lanes to four.

At the light, they pulled up along side of the slow-moving car. Brother Shew looked at the old man and rolled his window down.

“Get off the road, you old coot!” He hollered, and then rolled his window back up in time for the light to change.

At the next traffic light, the old man again pulled up beside their car. This time, my father rolled Brother Shew’s window down and said to him, “Now, Brother Shew, invite that man to Sunday School!”

All Brother Shew could say was, “Aw, Doc!”


Does Your Conduct Sabotage Your Witness?

Written by Martyn Ballestero

December 10, 2012 at 5:07 pm

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He Called You A Liar!

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He Called You A Liar!

Who did? David did. David called us all liars. He even wrote it down on paper too, so everyone would read it and know that’s what he said.

Ps 116:11 I said in my haste, All men are liars.


Defending Your Honor

In the not too distant past, men that were called liars, felt the need to defend their honor in a duel with a sword or a pistol. The outcome proved little except who was a better shot or swordsman. Not much was actually solved about the lying part. Sometimes it was the liar that lived because he was better with a gun.

Generations ago, a man’s word was his bond. Today? No one believes what you say! Don’t even argue that point.


This Generation Takes It For Granted That Everyone Lies.


Even The State You Live In Thinks You Might Be A Liar

Two weeks ago, I applied for a Driver’s License in a new state. I also needed to get license plates for my vehicle. The exercise took a total of eight frustrating trips to the DMV before we had all the papers they required.

We rounded up all the below, because they said the state law required it:

  1. My old Driver’s License
  2. My Birth Certificate – original with a seal
  3. My Passport
  4. Two utility bills at the new address
  5. Proof of Insurance purchased in the new state.
  6. Receipt of Property Tax payment.
  7. The old Car Registration.
  8. The Car Title
  9. Our Marriage License. (Yes, we needed our Marriage License to get our Drivers License… Who knew?)

I had to have all of that before they would even give me an eye exam and take my picture.

  • My word wasn’t good enough.
  • They required proof that I was who I said I was.


When You Travel, Your Government Suspects You Of Lying

The TSA will thoroughly check you to make sure you are whom you say and that you are mostly harmless.

  • They check your documents,
  • They will check your possessions,
  • They will check your body language,
  • And, then they check you. I mean, they will check you.
  • They will check you with metal detectors,
  • They will check you with body imaging machines,
  • They will check your body with their hands.


Business Men Suspect You Of Lying

  • They give Credit Checks on all prospective customers.
  • Most contracts are not even valid without a signature, and two witnesses.
  • We then, must have Lawyers or Notary Publics (providing the certified translation service, if necessary) to witness and verify the transaction.


In The Court Room.

  • A witness will have to place one hand on a Bible and raise the other one to affirm that they will tell the truth.
  • They then are placed under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  • The Court, the Lawyers and the Jury then tries to determine if someone is lying.
  • Lawyers want their witness to be ‘believable.’


These Are But A Few Things That This Generation Submits To, To Prove They Are Not Lying.

  • God knows when we lie!
  • You can’t fool Him.
  • He even has His own tests constructed to show Him, and all others when we lie.
  • One of the first and most important of these Divine tests is simply this:

1Jn 4:20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

1Jn 4:21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.


Have You Been Lying Lately?

Written by Martyn Ballestero

December 8, 2012 at 8:52 am

When God Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations.

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When God Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations.

Luke 7:23 And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

  • What Happens When God Doesn’t Heal?
  • What Happens When God Doesn’t Deliver?
  • What Happens When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers Like You Wanted Him To?

It’s not uncommon to get a notion in our heads about how we think God should supply specific things that we need, or want. Some have gotten mad at the Lord, and even backslid because a loved one died or was not healed.

Since His ways are not our ways, there will always be times when God doesn’t move or work like we think he should. That can be a major test for our faith.

Sometimes, life doesn’t turn out like we expected. Why? I can’t tell you, because I don’t know for sure either. But this one thing I do know. God is still in control. He has never made a mistake. I must always trust Him.


Naaman – Almost Lost His Miracle When Things Didn’t Meet His Expectations.

2Ki 5:10 And Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean.

2Ki 5:11 But Naaman was wroth, and went away, and said, Behold, I thought, He will surely come out to me, and stand, and call on the name of the LORD his God, and strike his hand over the place, and recover the leper.

Naaman was a man of high position and ranking in Syria. As Captain of the army, he was always given much respect.

Bottom line, I’m sure, was his disappointment that the Prophet did not personally come out to see him. He had imagined the moment of his healing, and it looked nothing like what had just happened to him. He left the prophet’s home in a huff.

His own servant showed more good sense than he did. Only after being reasoned with, did he finally submit. For Naaman, submission and obedience were the keys to his miracle.



Peter – Denied The Lord When Things Didn’t Meet His Expectations.

When accused by the maid of being a disciple of Christ, Peter replied, “I know not the man!” In a twisted way, Peter was telling the truth.

  • The Jesus he knew was a Jesus of miracles.
  • The Jesus he knew walked on water.
  • The Jesus he knew raised the dead.
  • The Jesus he knew turned water in to wine.
  • The Jesus he knew fed 5,000 with a few fishes and five loaves of bread.
  • The Jesus he knew healed the lepers and opened blinded eyes.

Peter Didn’t Know This Jesus.

  • He didn’t know a Jesus of defeat.
  • He didn’t know a Jesus of rejection.
  • He didn’t know a Jesus of disappointment.

What about the three and a half years he had followed Jesus around? Were those years spent for nothing? Evidently, Peter’s faith had momentarily wavered.



John The Baptist Questioned The Lord When Things Didn’t Meet His Expectations.

Of men born of women, there was none greater than John the Baptist. He was even born with the Holy Ghost. He was a fearless preacher and a chosen forerunner for the Messiah.

  • Yet, John finds himself in prison.
  • His hopes are dashed.
  • His future looks bleak.
  • His first cousin, Jesus, is nowhere around.
  • He becomes tormented by his worst fears.
  • His imagination runs wild.
  • He even questioned if Jesus was truly the Messiah.

Luke 7:19 And John calling unto him two of his disciples sent them to Jesus, saying, Art thou he that should come? or look we for another?



The Three Hebrew Children – Said, “But If Not…” In Case Things Didn’t Meet Their Expectations.

Dan 3:16 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.

Dan 3:17 If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.

Dan 3:18 But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.

They proudly stood in front of the pagan king and bragged on their God. They said that their God was able to deliver them. But if He didn’t, they still weren’t going to bow down to an idol.

If the Lord God didn’t deliver them, they were still going to be faithful to Him.



Job – Watched His Mouth When Things Didn’t Meet His Expectations.

Job 1:22 In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.

None of us can imagine the horrible loss Job experienced.

  • His family was destroyed.
  • His children were dead.
  • His vast herds stolen.
  • His health was virtually destroyed.
  • His wife turned in to an unbelieving nag.
  • His friends did nothing but criticize and point fingers at him.

We Love To Quote Job’s Reaction To His Dilemma.

Job 13:15 Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

The second part of the verse stands out to me today. Job certified, that though things had not turned out like he wanted, he was going to maintain his ways. He was going to keep on doing what he had always done.

What Do You Do When Things Don’t Turn Out Like You Wanted? Do You Maintain Your Ways? If You Want Your Story To Turn Out Good, Then:

  • Keep on coming to church.
  • Keep on worshipping.
  • Keep on praying.
  • Keep on singing
  • Keep on loving
  • Keep involved in church.
  • Keep on shouting.
  • Keep on paying your tithes.
  • Keeping on testifying about how good God is.



Israel – Believed The Ten Spies When Things Didn’t Meet Their Expectations.

Did Israel want to go over into the Promised Land? Most certainly! The problem was, the majority of the spies saw the enemy and became frightened and faint hearted.

This didn’t look like an easy victory to them. No one paid much attention to Joshua and Caleb’s glowing report. They ignored the huge display of grapes.

Because they responded in unbelief, God allowed all but the young to die in the wilderness. They needlessly spent 40 years of wandering because of how they reacted.

Things hadn’t turned out like they expected, so they said ‘no’ to God. God in return, said ‘no’ to their inheriting the promise and gave it to their children instead.

  • Never stop believing.
  • Never say ‘no’ to God.



Paul – Lived With A Thorn In His Flesh When Things Didn’t Meet His Expectations.

  • Paul prayed more than once for God to take his pain away. God didn’t.
  • Paul had just spoken the word, and a man had gone blind for a season.
  • A poisonous viper and taken hold of his hand once while he was carrying wood for a fire. He just shook it off, and though bitten, was not harmed.

Yet this thorn he spoke of, wouldn’t go away. God had answered his other prayers, why didn’t He answer this one?

Paul never knew, but he chose instead, to be content to live with his unanswered prayer request.


So, What Is My Life Lesson Here?

What Should I Do When Things Don’t Meet My Expectation?

  1. Like Naaman – I choose to humbly submit my self and obey the Word of the Lord given to me.
  2. Like The Three Hebrew Children – I will always believe God is able. But if He doesn’t deliver me… I’m still going to be faithful.
  3. Like Job – I want to keep my spirit right, and watch my mouth during my trial.
  4. Like Paul – If God doesn’t take away the pain in my life; I will learn to be content, and trust His will.



Remember God’s Words In The Old Testament When Things Don’t Meet Your Expectations.

KJV: Isa 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

KJV: Isa 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

The Message Bible: I don’t think the way you think. The way you work isn’t the way I work. For as the sky soars high above earth, so the way I work surpasses the way you work, and the way I think is beyond the way you think.

Remember God’s Words In The New Testament When Things Don’t Meet Your Expectations.

KJV: Luke 7:23 And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

NIV: Luke 7:23 Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me.

ESV: Luke 7:23 And blessed is the one who is not offended by me.”

What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations?

Written by Martyn Ballestero

December 5, 2012 at 12:04 pm

How Long Is The Night?

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How Long Is The Night?

Nights seem shorter during the summer months, and a lot longer during the winter.

John 11:9 Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day?

Without getting too scientific, even at the geographical poles, where the earth’s rotation isn’t a factor, there is a six months night and a six months day.

And according to Yahoo, even “at the equinoxes, when the sun is exactly perpendicular to the equator, everywhere on earth, there is a day somewhere that has exactly 12 hours and a night of 12 hours.”

So… How Long Has The Been For Night For You?



In The Garden At Night

It was in the Garden of Gethsemane at night, that Jesus was forced to face his greatest battle. It was also a time when his own disciples slept. There was no one to help him during His night season.

The Night Jesus Was In The Tomb.

It was a very long night for the believers of Jesus, when they knew his body lay encased in a tomb. Their hopes were dashed. Their future dreams all dissolved before their eyes.


Peter’s Night After The Denial

How long was the night for Peter? He lived all night with the haunting reality of his denial of the Lord.

The Ten Virgins

For the ten virgins, the night was long enough to make them all fall asleep from weariness and exhaustion.

Daniel’s Night In The Lions Den

How long was the night for Daniel as he listened to the lions snore next to him? No one had ever survived an ordeal like this before! Would he?

paul_shipwreck_by_tazi_san-d38hbzyPaul’s Night Floating In The Mediterranean Sea

Paul said he spent all night floating in the open sea after his shipwreck. Sometimes, there is no rest all night long. Night seems to be a time in which men fight for survival.

The Night Of The First Passover

How could they sleep knowing that death lurked outside in the darkness? The blood of the lamb was their only defense! They had to keep their shoes on. In spite of the judgment that fell on the unbelievers, Deliverance came for them the same night.

Night Has Often Been A Time For Coming To Grips With Our Greatest Fears.

  • For some, it’s a time of loneliness.
  • Maybe, it could also be a time for tears.
  • For others, it’s in the night that fear reigns supreme.
  • Nightmares happen in the night.
  • Sounds are heard at night that no one seems to notice during the day.
  • Storms of devastation seem to come at night.

Nights Are Horrible For Anyone That Is Away From God.

  • It seems that the death angel comes more often at night.
  • Sick people gain hope, if they can just make it through the night.

We all have nights, and for most of our lives think nothing of them. There are times however, when situations and circumstances look bleak, and despair seems to show it’s ugly face.

  • Fear grips our hearts.
  • Our mind tells us how hopeless our situation is.


Your Night Of Trial And Testing!

I’m Sure It’s Painful! How Often We All Desire To Spare Those We Love From Their Night Terrors!

  • stock-footage-full-moon-behind-clouds-at-nightOnly God has the answer!
  • Only God knows how much longer your night will last.
  • Only God knows how much you will have to bear.
  • Only God knows how He plans to be glorified by your trial of faith.
  • Only God knows where you are ‘at.’
  • Only God knows why you have been chosen to bear your load.
  • Only God knows why you had to hear the doctor’s bad report.
  • Only God knows why you suffered such loss.


But, There Is One Thing He Wants You To Know!

 Psa 30: 5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

I Am Praying For You, That Your ‘Night’ Not Last Much Longer!

For The Church Of Jesus Christ

This is a dark time. It is an hour of spiritual wickedness and the prince of darkness is having his last fling. This truly is the midnight hour.

  • But, Be Of Good Cheer. The Morning Cometh!
  • Jesus Is Coming Soon. The Night Is Almost Over!
  • Are You Ready For A New Day?


Are You Ready For The Morning?

Written by Martyn Ballestero

December 3, 2012 at 9:16 pm