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“How ‘Bout Cha Droopy Drawers, Gotcha Ears On?”

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“How ‘Bout Cha Droopy Drawers, Gotcha Ears On?”

In the mid-sixties, Brother Verbal Bean, preached a long and powerful revival in Port Arthur, Texas for Elder Verbal Bean 1977Pastor Murray Burr. The church experienced a mighty move of God during that time.

I was taking care of the church in Silsbee, Texas while the pastor; Brother H.B. Morgan was on vacation. I only preached the regular service nights, so that gave me the opportunity to go a few miles down the road and hear Brother Bean on my off nights.

I sat in the audience and listened intently to this mighty man of God. We all were awestruck with moving of the Holy Ghost in the service. I’d never heard anyone preach like Brother Bean.

Heavy conviction was felt throughout the building as we stood for the invitation to come forward and pray. We all stood there feeling the strong pull of the Spirit, when the unbelievable happened…

An eighteen-wheeler passed by on the highway in front of the church. The trucker’s over-powered CB Radio blared through the Church’s loud speakers with, “How ‘bout cha droopy drawers, gotcha ears on?”

The moment for most was destroyed. Smiles and stifled laughter advanced to the next level. The service was officially over.


Written by Martyn Ballestero

December 15, 2012 at 4:18 pm

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