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The Book Of Deception

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The Book Of Deception


Today’s Devotional For The Uncommitted

V. 17   It shall not matter what a man believes as long as he is sincere.

V. 18   Thou shalt not criticize other religions because they shall all lead you to the same place.

V. 19   Let thy conscience be thy guide and all things will work out right.

V. 20   I am no respecter of persons saith the Lord, if any man have the Holy Ghost, he shall need no other teacher. I alone will instruct him in the ways of righteousness.

V. 21   If any man hast not received the Holy Ghost, he shall be saved by accepting me as his personal Savior, saith the Lord.  Only believe.

V. 22 Forasmuch as customs and standards change, each generation shall not be required to live or dress in any manner that is considered old fashioned.  The Lord God is not concerned how his people look on the outside, but on the inside only. Thou shalt win more people if thou lookest more like them.

V.23 In the last days, business and pleasure shall increase.  Many shall not be able to attend church services faithfully.  Come when thou art able, saith the Lord.

V. 24 If thine church seemeth too far away, of if thy ministers offendeth thee in anywise, thou shalt be permitted to attend another church of thy choice.  Fear not, once saved always saved.

V. 25 The Lord thy God is too good to let any of His children suffer in eternity.  There is no hell.  I know not any.  Yet if there is, thou shalt be burnt up and feel no pain.

V. 26 If thou feelest good about a thing in thine heart, then know that it is My will for thee.  Let not any man tell thee other wise, saith the Lord.

V. 27 If thou hast been given a gift and thou art not used as you wouldst desire to be, then thou shalt be freed from the bondage of thine pastor and mayest go whithersoever thou wouldst.

V. 28 The tithe belongeth unto me saith the Lord, but if thou needest to use it, thou mayest.

V. 29 Whatsoever thou doest in the days of thy youth shall be excused, for there is one requirement for the young and another for the old.

V. 30 If thine pastor settest thee down because of thine transgression, it is better that thou goest to another assembly where they knowest thee not, so that thou mightest prosper more abundantly.

V. 31 Thy sin shall not be required of thee except thou art caught in it.  Thou mayest sin a little bit every day for I know that thy flesh is weak and that thou art not perfect.  For if thou still hast addictions, thy weaknesses art overlooked for I am not able to deliver thee fully.

V. 32 Worship is of the heart.  Thou shalt not do that which is unseemingly to make me happy.  Keep thine seat saith the Lord and praise me in thine heart. Demonstration is for the weak and unschooled.

V. 33. The altar is a place for the ungodly and unclean.  If thou art a believer, thou mayest stay in thine pew while others pray.  Bowest thine head though and movest thine lips, so I mayest know thou art awake.

V. 34 Though many say that I am coming quickly.  I have many more things yet to do.  Thou hast plenty of time.


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June 6, 2011 at 9:48 am

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