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Gifts Of The Spirit Gone Awry

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Gifts Of The Spirit Gone Awry


I believe God still uses the gifts of the Spirit in His church today. Most Apostolic Pentecostals are familiar with those precious moments. Sadly, a few eager and Biblically uneducated have exerted more of their flesh than His Spirit in such moments.

That being said, it does not take away from the fact that God does speak to His church in very real and powerful manner.

Good pastors teach the importance of not saying ‘Thus saith the Lord,” unless they are certain that the Lord truly did speak to them. Punishment is upon those who use His name falsely and in vain.


Out Of Order

Almost every night of the revival the modest sized Southern church, a middle-aged woman gave a message in tongues after the sermon. She especially seemed to bring forth a message if there was conviction in the message.

After several weeks of nightly services one of the members brought their neighbor, an elderly woman of foreign descent. The visitor sat quietly with her hosts and seemed unemotional during the service and the sermon.

Everyone was standing while the invitation was being given, when the spiritual lady found a moment to give her message in tongues. While the message was being given, the old lady started to chuckle and covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. Her hosts were embarrassed that their guest would laugh at a time like this.

“Why are you laughing,” they inquired?

“Because I understand what she is saying.” She said with a knowing look.

“What is she saying?” They asked.

“She is saying, ‘I’m out of order and I need to sit down.’ Was her reply.”



Unverified stories such as these are told about messages being interpreted erroneously and have been heard by most of us:

  1. “Repent, or I will write Michelob over the door.”
  2. “Times are hard sayeth the Lord. Times are so hard I can barely make it myself, saith God.”
  3. “Thus saith the Lord unto Sister… ah, Sister… ah, I forgeteth thy name at the moment saith the Lord.”
  4. “Yeah, thus saith the Lord, Nay!”


God Lied?

The tall young West Virginia father actually stood up in the testimony service and spoke with great fervor about God speaking to him.

“I was at work today and the Lord spoke to me and told me that my little boy was choking to death. I ran out of the shop. I didn’t even take time to punch out from work.

“I jumped in my pickup and drove to my trailer as fast as I could. I ran up on the porch and nearly ripped the door off. There on the living room floor was my little boy playing happily with his toys.

“I looked at him and said, ‘Boy I’d rather have you dead than to have God lie to me like that!”


Good people can be zealous and sincere, yet be totally in the flesh and not the Spirit. Sometimes, their exhibitions can be injurious to the work of God.


Twenty-Six Messages In Tongues

While visiting a medium-sized church for the first time, I was amazed at the number of messages in tongues and interpretations. There were twenty-six messages in all in one service. More than a dozen of the messages that were interpreted appeared to be some church folks correcting other church folks. Several interpretations were even so bold as to criticize the pastor by name. All of this, plus several prophecies were included.

The guest evangelist wasn’t spiritual enough for them, because all he did was preach the Word. They closed the revival after the first night.


(Yes, even though some people are over-zealous, or unlearned, or even purposely misleading others, there is still the real Gift of Tongues. That is not even debatable. You will know and feel the difference when you hear it.)



Written by Martyn Ballestero

September 24, 2016 at 4:11 pm

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The Day The Devil Read My Palm

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The Day The Devil Read My Palm

On a cold winter’s evening, in the early 1960’s, I stood in the historic old Walgreens, downtown Chicago on State Street. I was killing time waiting for my parents to get their shopping done. Our Evangelist, Kenneth Phillips and his wife Wanda were with my folks in another store.

Post Card: Chicago Walgreens on State St.

I was the odd duck. I was still single and a teenager. The couples had managed to disappear leaving me to my own devises. We were to meet in an hour and a half for supper. I wandered around for a while looking at the items for sale.

Snow was on the ground. I wore a long trench coat, but no hat. My coat was buttoned to the top and my hands were jammed down into the pockets.

I turned off the main aisle near the back of the store. In front of me was a lady sitting behind a folding card table. Her hands were in her lap. The lady had shoulder length dark hair and wore dark slacks.  She appeared to be in her early thirties.

The handwritten sign taped to the card table said: “Palms Read For $1.00”

Although I knew Christians weren’t supposed to have their palms read, curiosity began to stir within me.

The lady looked harmless enough. The only thing on the table was a deck of playing cards. She smiled and nodded as if to reassure me.

A quick look around the busy old store confirmed that no Pentecostals were in sight to tell on me. My Parents and the Evangelist were nowhere to be seen.

My Father preached against Astrologers, Palm Readers, Spiritism, Séances and following Horoscopes and I knew it. Guilt was warning to turn away. But like a bug to the light bulb, I seemed drawn.

I finally pulled a dollar out of my pocket and laid it on the table. She picked up the deck of cards and said, “Cut it.”

I’d never cut a deck of cards before and I’m sure it showed. It was a black 10 that was turned face up. She looked but said nothing.

She reached out for my hand, and I extended it, palm up. She took it in both of hers and some traced lines across my palm.

When she was done, she dropped my hand and leaned back in her chair and spoke.

“You will marry an old-fashioned girl who will always wear dresses and will never cut her hair.”

A cold that was colder than a winter’s chill went all through me. I could ‘feel’ what I knew I shouldn’t be ‘feeling.’ Hair stood up on my arms.

I turned and ran from down the aisle of Walgreens out into the bitter cold night.

  • How did she know?
  • That wasn’t God!
  • I knew that wasn’t God beyond all doubt.
  • The devil knew about me!
  • The devil helped her read my palm!
  • That woman had a spirit of divination upon her.
  • Even the devil knew what kind of girl I would marry.

In fear I repented to God, and out of fear didn’t tell my parents of my foolish deed.

Years have past now, and I find myself of late, listening to stories of modern-day ‘Prophets’ who tell people things about their lives.

In my young Christian experience, men such as Bro. Verbal Bean and Bro. Joe Duke discerned the sins and called out the sinful in our church in South Bend, Indiana. Their walk with God and their spiritual accuracy brought repentance and revival.

Today, the modern ‘Prophets’ don’t do that anymore, all they seem to prophesy about is Blessings, Healings and Prosperity. Crowds flock to hear them. People will give wonderful offerings to these men. (There is no money to be made in discerning sin.)

I’ve known men who try to discern people’s names or tell them what their phone number or street address is. The onlookers are overwhelmed, thinking, this must be God.

There is NO Bible precedent for that. There is no example of that in the Book. Yet today’s church crowd will drive 100 miles to hear some one get called out and prophesied over. But these same folks won’t drive 2 miles to hear an old-fashioned ‘Word’ preacher. It’s boring!

Has God Changed? Or do we have itching ears? Are we the generation that only wants to hear smooth things preached?

Sure, I believe in the ‘Gifts’ of the Spirit. I just have a problem with those that sound like they need a chair, and a folding card table with a sign.

Yes, we all need healings and blessings. But if the truth was spoken, we need some fearless men of God that aren’t afraid to preach the word today, a whole lot more.

Let God use you in Prophesy if He has given you the ‘Gift.’ Just don’t cheapen your ‘ministry’ and sound like you work part-time at Walgreens.

Make sure it’s the Holy Ghost and NOT the spirit of divination.

1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Written by Martyn Ballestero

January 9, 2011 at 12:23 am