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Presenting The Best Home Bible Study Ever!

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The Best Home Bible Study Ever!

It is a distinct honor to present to my readers a magnificent Home Bible Study in both English and Spanish. It is by far the best I have ever seen!

This great study was created by Rev. Sterling L. Busby and is called, Bringing Men To Jesus. In my opinion, this is a “must have” for every Apostolic soul winner.

The Following Is From The Introduction:


“Home Bible Studies have been a big part of my life for over 20 years. I have used the one and two day studies as well as the ten and twelve part studies and have seen great results from them all. However, recently I have been impressed by the Spirit to develop an intermediate study. Pastors and soul winners alike have expressed to me the need of such a resource.

‘Bringing Men To Jesus’ is a simple Home Bible Study with five easy to teach lessons. It has something of the feel of an extended study yet it is brief and direct. It is not meant to be an exhaustive study on Jewish history nor to be an in-depth study on ceremonies and customs. Rather, when a key character or event is highlighted the concept or principle is discussed and the study moves on. It says what must be said to bring a candidate to an understanding of who God is and how to find Him.

Lesson 1, ‘Who Is God’ is a faith building introduction to key attributes of the Spirit of God. It is evident in today’s society that there is a tremendous need to reintroduce this generation to the God of the Bible. For a person to find Salvation in God, they must begin with believing that He exists and that He controls the universe.

Throughout the other lessons key Bible characters have been used to teach faith in God and obedience to His Word. The problem of sin, its origin and consequence is dealt with in an evangelistic manner. The types and shadows of the Tabernacle of Moses are introduced and then explained with their New Testament counterparts; the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is my sincere desire that this Home Bible Study will be an effective tool in leading souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. When we see all that is taking place around us, it is evident that the coming of the Lord is very near. We must do what we can to reach our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no ‘joy’ like the soul winner’s ‘joy’.

Sterling L. Busby

Sterling L. Busby




Eugeio Dominguez, Missionary

I personally took Bringing Men to Jesus home Bible study to the country of Peru to use in our work there. The first week I was there I taught a denominal Pastor and his daughter the study. They saw the Truth and both were baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.

 Pastor W E Davis, Macon GA

This is a great Bible study.  I have taught it to my entire congregation and I also use it when following up on church guest!

Pastor Caleb Adams, Memphis, TN

“We are excited about the results we have seen with “Bringing Men to Jesus’ ‘Home Bible Study.”


To View And Purchase The Bible Study Chart,

Teacher’s Manual And Power Point.

Click On The Link Or Image Below.

Bringing Men to Jesus is a new and exciting home Bible study with five easy lessons. The flip chart measures 18″ by 12″ and includes 28 full color illustrations. A concise 80 page manual guides the teacher in presenting each lesson in a time frame of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Bringing Men to Jesus says what should be said to bring a candidate to a basic understanding of who God is and how to receive Bible-based salvation.

Written by Martyn Ballestero

April 11, 2012 at 9:57 pm

When The Lady Of The Night Got The Holy Ghost

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When The Lady Of The Night Got The Holy Ghost

For many years, I preached annual revivals in a very small West Texas town. The town was so small that after church it was not uncommon for the pastor or saints to drive an hour and a half to Odessa or Midland just to get something to eat.

The pastor was a dear family friend. The church was one that really worshipped and was easy to preach in. They loved the Word and the loved their “Man of God.”

The church had not grown significantly in many years. The little group prayed for revival and worked hard to bring visitors to the revival.

A seventeen-year-old Foster child sought for the Holy Ghost for over an hour every night. He sought fervently and with tears. He had prayed every night of the 4 week Revival.

The last Saturday of the revival, the pastor and I talked about Home Bible Studies. He said, “When I came up in church, we’d never heard of them. I’ve been here for 30 years or so and we’ve never taught any Home Bible Studies. Not only do we not have any material, if we had some, we wouldn’t know how to go about teaching them. Could you teach our people how to teach a Home Bible Study?”

Although I said that I could and would, there wasn’t any material within 100 miles. There also wasn’t any Internet connection to download anything.

I was relieved to find a copy of Bishop Gerald Adam’s ‘Deeper Life’ Home Bible Study in my briefcase. Bro. Adam’s was kind when I called and granted permission for me to make copies of his Bible Study for the occasion.

(The Deeper Life Home Bible Study is now digitized and can be found on the Hopkinsville, KY church website.)

I asked the pastor what he thought about me putting a table in front of the pulpit Sunday morning and teaching a Home Bible Study to some one while everyone else watched and followed along with their copy. He agreed and said he would have the table and chairs set up right after the preliminaries.

Standing on the platform Sunday morning I noticed two new visitors. A teenage boy stood on the right side and a 20 something young woman on the left.

For a few minutes after the song service, the church family went around and personally welcomed the visitors and greeted each other.

I noticed the boy seemed very sincere and responsive during the singing, so I went over and welcomed him. The young man smiled warmly when I introduced myself. He told me his name was Billy.

I said, “I’m a visitor here too, Billy. They’ve asked me to teach what they call a ‘Home Bible Study’ this morning. It’s a thing where two people sit at a table and basically just read scriptures from the Bible.

“I really don’t know who to choose to help me out today. But whoever does, doesn’t have to say a word. All they have to do is just act like they are reading the material. Do you think maybe you can help me out today?”

“Sure,” he said.

Later when they introduced me to speak, I explained to the church that I had asked Billy to help me and invited them to make him welcome. They gave him a good round of applause.

Billy and I sat at the small table in front of the pulpit. Each person there was given a copy of the Home Bible Study. I saw the look of sincerity and interest in the young man’s face.

He nodded as I spoke to him. I looked only at him and not at the crowd. We took less than an hour to go through the study.

The organ player began to play softly as we all stood. The table and chairs were removed. I looked to my left where Billy had stood and then I looked down. He was kneeling at the altar. All the others came forward too. Billy received the Holy Ghost in just a few minutes.

I heard shouts go up at the other end of the altar and saw that the young woman was praying and the ladies were rejoicing. She also received the Holy Ghost and excitedly thanked the Lord.

The pastor whispered in my ear, that someone had just told him, this new girl was the town’s hooker. The town’s only hooker. Her name was Sarah.

The saints were ecstatic about what God had done in the service that morning.

Sunday night’s service started.  The front doors burst open as the 17-year-old Foster kid entered the church crying and speaking in tongues. He had prayed during the day, and while taking his shower before church had received the Holy Ghost while still in the shower. He was still talking in tongues when he got to church. He couldn’t stop and he was excited. The saints rejoiced. I mean really rejoiced.

Billy and Sarah came back too. The church shouted and ran the aisles. Joy was in the camp.

The front door again opened and an unhappy faced man walked in and sat on the back row. Sarah was too lost in worship to notice that her pimp was there. He watched the worship for a while. Several were uneasy not knowing what would happen.

Testimony service had new life that night. When Sarah got done testifying and thanking the Lord, the guy on the back row got up and walked out shaking his head.

He was officially out of business. Sarah never noticed.  She started to dance before the Lord. She had been delivered.


Written by Martyn Ballestero

September 17, 2011 at 9:18 am