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The Unanswered Call

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The Unanswered Call

This was the third time in an hour that I heard the incessant ringing of the phone on the other side of the motel wall. There were people noises of talk and laughter, but no one seemed to want to answer the phone. Why not? Why would they just let it ring?

Did the think they knew who was calling, and didn’t want to speak to them? Were they so content with the present situation in their life, they didn’t want any interruptions? I will never know.

As the guy in the room next door, I didn’t have any authority. I could not command them to answer the call. I could only be frustrated because they didn’t.

I have no idea what the call was about, not do I need to know. It’s none of my business. Yet, the fact remains, they were called and they didn’t answer.

phone-illustration-ringing-off-the-hookThey were called, and they ignored. There even came a second attempt to get them to stop and answer the call, but to no avail. As if that was not enough, the call came the third time, and was again ignored.

Would the caller give up? Would the caller try again? How many callers even try past the first time? This one tried three times without any response.

My frustration was only that of a weary traveler. I don’t know who the people in the other room were, nor do I know who called. It is just one of those moments travelers soon forget.

On the other hand, as a full-time minister of the Gospel for fifty years, I have seen precious people I know receive a Call from God and not respond. They kept on talking and laughing with friends and family like nothing had just happened.

The ringing noises in their heart went silent for a while, then after a time, began anew.

Heads of family, friends and ministry turn and look at them in wonderment. Why don’t they answer The Call?

  • Everyone else knows whom it’s from.
  • Everyone else knows what it’s about.
  • Everyone else knows what it entails.

Why can’t they realize how important and urgent it is to Answer The Call?

  • It’s not like everyone gets The Call.
  • But He chose to call you.
  • He makes no mistake when He calls.

He knows your number and called you, but you chose to make excuses and find a reason not to answer.

The day of that unanswered Call may be the day that causes you the most grief. (Ask Jonah.)

  • If The Call is from Him, then He will NOT let you fail.
  • If your phone is still ringing, PICK IT UP.

If it has gone silent, ask Him to forgive you, your fears and lack of faith. Tell Him that if He ever calls your number again, you will ignore everything else and answer His Call, no matter what it is about.

When He Calls, He means business. And there is no greater or more important business in the world, than His!

Listen… do you hear anything?

Is that the phone again?

Written by Martyn Ballestero

April 4, 2013 at 3:42 pm

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