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Why Some People Are Always Late!

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Why Some People Are Always Late!

(I found some old sermon notes of mine today that included this subject)

Why Some Are Always Late

(Based on a article in the Indianapolis Star – Aug. 26, 1984)

If you’re never on time (or hardly ever) maybe you can’t help it.

1. Some get distracted – they can’t beat the clock. It beats them.

2. Some have a faulty body clock.

3. Many can wake up in the morning without an alarm clock. Some can’t.

4. You know of some that get hungry at 12 noon.

5. We have heard of a few that late in the day, it dawned on them they missed lunch. Their clock is off.

(A.) A Physical Cause of chronic tardiness can be the use of prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicines that slow down your sense of time

(B.) Psychological Factors.

1. Avoidance

  • Afraid of Boss or Co-Worker
  • “Running away” from the situation by constantly being late.

2. Marital Problems

  • Can’t quite admit.
  • Coming home late for them is an acceptable solution
  • They may not even be aware of their motivation (or lack there of)

C. Hidden Aggression (Passive Aggression)

  • Wants to hit back but can’t do it in a direct way.
  • Arrives late when he know job starts at 9am.
  • Thereby gets back at the boss without admitting to anger or hostility.

(Those who love, are they early or on time?)

D. Depression

  • Immobilizes some.
  • Lateness is a symptom of depression
  • These may come across as slothful, unconcerned, or that nothing important is going on.

The Indianapolis Star said in closing:

“If you are using lateness to cope with anger or resentment or an overt display of depression, the paper recommends professional help.”

My question: “Why do some spend a lifetime coming to church late?” Only they know. Well, actually… Jesus knows.

Written by Martyn Ballestero

January 23, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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