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If You Are NOT The Pastor’s Son, You Have To Be Smarter Than Average!

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If You Are NOT The Pastor’s Son, You Have To Be Smarter Than Average!

When I was a very young preacher, I was asked by my Father to preach a midweek service. I preached on hell. Everyone hurriedly came to altar including my own Mother. While everyone was crying and praying, Dad invited me into the Church Office, adjoining the platform. He told me to sit down, he closed the door and locked it.

Dad said, “What you preached tonight was good and needed to be preached. But you didn’t give anyone a way out. They don’t have to go to hell you know.” I started to cry in shame. He continued, “Don’t EVER get up in my pulpit again and preach on judgment without giving people a way out. I couldn’t stop apologizing.

Six weeks or so later, I was asked to preach on a Saturday night Praise and Worship Service at our Church. I preached some little thought and the people shouted and ran the aisles. A few guys even ran the backs of the pews. I felt great because of the feeling of “high church” we were enjoying.

When I stepped out of the pulpit and turned around, I was still sweaty, and breathing hard. Daddy caught the lapels of my coat and pulled me up close to him and said, “Now what degree of consecration and study did that take? That sermon did not require any study on your part! That was just a little something you threw together. That was just some buzz words, mumbo jumbo, and shallow thinking. Don’t EVER do that again”

And then he said it again, “Don’t EVER get in my pulpit again without applying yourself. Without studying and seeking God. Don’t ever be content to be shallow. Neither you nor these people will remember one thing you preached tomorrow. If you have a choice between being an Exhorter or being a Feeder, be a Feeder because Feeders build churches.”

Now, If I wasn’t the Pastor’s son, I could have gotten a rotten spirit and attitude. I COULD have thought, “Well you just can’t make this old guy happy. You preach on hell and they run to the altar. He finds fault. You preach it sky high and a mile wide, he finds fault. There is just no pleasing him. Maybe God is trying to make me uncomfortable here. Maybe God is telling me it is time to get out of the nest and take my ministry to the next level and move on.

I understood that my Father, who was never harsh in his attempts to correct me, was trying now to help me be the best that I could be.

A Father will say things to a son he might not say to another young man. Because the other young man might feel the Pastor is dedicated to running him off. This man may not readily see that the Pastor is trying to develop his ministry so that God will bless and use him.

That’s why I think, “If you are not the Pastor’s son, you have to be smarter than average.

Whether he’s your Father or not, if he’s your Pastor, Be honored that he took the time to say anything to help you develop. Even if you can’t see at the moment the purpose or need of his correction, later you will love him and thank God for him the rest of your life. Choose NEVER to be offended by the man of God.

Written by Martyn Ballestero

February 18, 2010 at 7:24 am

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  1. Dear Bro. Ballestero,
    How wonderful to have found this site! I have been blessed to hear you preach in person at several churches and am thrilled to see you have this blog available to all! My sister was the “computer geek” in our family back in the early 80’s when we were all just learning about computers. She works now as a computer analyst for an aircraft company and has always been an avid Mac user. She has made many a convert in our family! I wish I could make her a “convert” to the Lord and the Truth! We were raised Catholic, but I wound up hearing the Truth at a Pentecostal church a few years back and through the power and mercy of God was filled with the Holy Ghost. I look forward to reading your future (and past) entries on this site. Praise the Lord!!

    Sis. Bonney Thompson

    February 19, 2010 at 8:24 pm

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