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“A Torment That Seemed Worse Than Hell Could Ever Be”

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The quiet young mother of two, Mary Gally, looked anxiously out the front door of her Kentucky home. The school bus was bringing her twin girls home. She couldn’t wait to see them. They were seven (7) years old and as pretty as two little girls could be. They were her pride and joy.

The bus stopped across the street. It’s lights flashed red and yellow warnings. The door opened and out bounced the girls. They walked in front of the bus crossing the street. A drunk driver ignored all warnings and sped past the bus killing both of them while their mother watched in horror.

It was a torment to her mind and to her heart that seemed worse than hell could ever be. For days she lived in numbness. She burnt candles for them at church. It seemed that the solace she desperately needed, she couldn’t find. Her Catholic upbringing provided no answers, solutions or comfort. She was totally empty.

She prayed the rosary, she went to the confessional, and nothing helped. She closed the shades on the windows of her heart and it seemed impossible to comfort her.

The pictures of the horrible scene replayed in her mind several times a day. They wouldn’t stop. They wouldn’t go away. How many times does a mother have to watch her babies die?

Mary began to find temporary comfort in the bottle. It wasn’t a solution. She knew that. It only helped for a few hours a day. Drinking seemed to lessen the pain. Her dependency grew.

A year or so slipped by and Mary slid deeper and deeper into her despair. Someone invited her to Life Tabernacle in Hopkinsville, KY. Mary prayed and in her desperation reached out to the Lord and He filled her with the Holy Ghost.

Mary came alive. Oh yes, there is still a quietness about her that lingers still, but her heart came alive. She enjoyed church. She grew in the Lord and in His Word. After the pastor felt that she was established and grounded in the truth, she was invited to teach a Sunday School class. She accepted.

She always sat on the 1st or 2nd row during regular church services. It seemed like she couldn’t wait for altar call. She willingly prayed with others. God had given her a gift of praying people through to the Holy Ghost. No one has ever seen anyone like her. In one week she personally prayed 25 through in her church. She did it with such easy grace and effectiveness. At every altar service Mary could be found praying with seekers.

After teaching for a while, Sis. Mary asked that if an opening ever came, she would like to teach the seven (7) year old’s Sunday School Class. They’re seemed to be a healing in that thought for her.

The 7 year olds got a new teacher. Sis. Mary was in the fulfillment of her dream. She now was surrounded by children the same age hers were. The kids loved her. The class grew. She helped it grow. She specialized in turning the conclusion of each Sunday School class session into an invitation to seek for the Holy Ghost.

A couple of years ago, Sis. Mary Gally prayed seventy (70) seven (7) year olds through to the Holy Ghost in her Sunday School class, in one year!

She had taken her pain, and turned it around using it for the glory of God, the furtherance of His Kingdom.

Knowing her personally, I stood with pride and let tears run down my cheek at the General Conference of the UPCI. I watched her being honored. This incredible woman of God was presented the “Sunday School Teacher Of The Year Award!” She had prayed more children through to the Holy Ghost in her class in one year than any teacher on record!


Today, Sis. Mary Gally and her husband have two wonderful children, a daughter and a son, both grown. Her daughter is very active in the church. Her son is now the Associate Pastor with Bishop Adams in Hopkinsville, and he also is the Conquerors President for the State of Kentucky.

Don’t die till you meet Sis. Mary Gally! You’ll love her too!

Written by Martyn Ballestero

February 16, 2010 at 11:21 pm

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  1. How unbelievably precious. What a lady!!! This story made me cry! I don’t know that I met her but I sure think her son is an incredible man!!


    February 17, 2010 at 6:02 pm

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