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The Danger Of Premature Launches

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The Danger Of Premature Launches

Things in life don’t always turn out well until it’s the right time. Wisdom dictates we wait until it’s the right season, or until all the pieces are in place.

Sister Nona Freeman, our beloved woman of God told a story about wishing she was ‘perfect’ when she was a young saint in the local church. Her pastor looked out the window at her garden in the backyard and said, “Sis. Nona, I’d like to have some corn on the cob”

“Why pastor, I’d be happy to fix you some, but I don’t have any.” She replied.

“Isn’t that corn in your garden?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then I’d like you to fix me some, please.”

“But I can’t,” was about all she could say.

“Why can’t you?” The pastor persisted.

“I can’t she said because it’s only this high,” she demonstrated holding her hand about a foot off the floor.

“What’s that got to do with it? Corn is corn regardless of its size.”

“I know, but I can’t, because it isn’t matured yet. There’s nothing there but leaves and stalk.”

“Sister Nona, that’s what the word ‘perfect means in the Bible. It’s talking about reaching maturity.”

What happens when things are done prematurely?

I recently heard Bro. Carlton Coon at the General Conference. He briefly spoke of his fear concerning the premature launching of Home Missions projects. His descriptive use of that phrase prompted me to consider the value of his fear. I find many other areas of life that give additional enlightenment on the subject. Here are a few.


Launching a Play

Who ever heard of having a play without having a play practice?


Launching A War

Imagine a President talking to the General of his Army and ordering him to attack the enemy when the Army is ill prepared. It would mean certain death, to go to war unless the troops are in place, the supply line is there and the men are equipped with ground and air support.

There’s a time for war, a time to fight. There’s a time to stand down.



Launching A Ship

Even God waited until Noah finished the Ark. If the ship is not completed, why launch it and let it face certain disaster? Finish the boat, then launch.


Launching A Business

Why open a grocery store with only one gallon of milk, two loaves of bread and a jar of pickles? Yes, you may have a sign and some shelves. You might even have a cash register, but what you need is enough on the shelf to keep the customer coming back.

  • A wannabe barber doesn’t open a shop just because he found a pair of scissors.
  • A mechanic wouldn’t be successful if he used dish soap instead of fuel injector cleaner.


Launching A Marriage

“God’s got the right girl for you son.” We hear statements like that when we are young. As true as that may be, other things factor in. She might be 12 years old when you meet her. It’s the right girl; it’s just the wrong time to marry her.


Launching A Ministry

A ministry is God’s call on your life. Just because he has called you doesn’t mean it’s time for you go immediately.

David was anointed King many years before he took the throne. You may not want me to say this, but he spent years in preparation. He also spent time in caves, in confusion, in despair, and in running for his life.

But when God was ready, it took place. David never tried to force the issue. It became a thing of beauty.


Launching A Church

The burden for lost souls, and un-churched cities tears at all of our hearts. The reality check is that although the burden is great, planning is still important.

Suppose you move to the new town, on Wednesday, and decide to have the first service in you living room on Sunday. You don’t know anyone, you have no sign, but you have a burden. If no one shows up, you are crushed. You are sure God wanted you to come to the town, why wasn’t there a better response? Was it a premature launch?

I would never attempt to diminish your burden or dampen your spirits. The truth is, that if you went in without some basic things being in place you may not be pleased with the results you see, and you may find yourself confused, discouraged or disheartened.

Some have given up and gone back home feeling ashamed and never wanted to do anything else for God. Others have backslidden because of their disappointment and embarrassment. But it wasn’t God’s faults. It was just a premature launch.

Much can be said about having the guidance of your pastor, and his moral support through the process. His blessing on you makes it easier for other pastors to give you the much need moral support. The prayers and blessings of the mother church is a Godsend and  necessity.

I would advise you to only go, when you have your pastor’s blessing on your launching of the new church. I would wait until he gives the green light. I wouldn’t tell him I was going; I would ask him to tell me, when it was time to go. There’s a big difference.

Oh, and may I be the first to say, “May God bless in your work for God. Bless you for doing it right, and for doing it in God’s time, not yours.

Written by Martyn Ballestero

October 10, 2010 at 1:16 am

2 Responses

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  1. On the other hand…I have seen men wait so long, feeling after the will of God in their lives, that they have passed by the opportunities to win the lost right where they are. Thinking that there has to be some great Divine move in their life, and a great confirmation to do something great. It’s all about winning souls to the kingdom of God. The one who wins is the one that has gotten himself, his family, and as many others as possible to Heaven with him when he gets there.

    Michel Heimoz

    October 12, 2010 at 12:43 pm

  2. brother Ballestero thanks for this post, let me tell you that I was twelve when I met my husband. You mentioned that in this post and I just had to share it. I met him when I was 12 and married him when I was 18. He was the right guy, but we had to wait for the right time. blessings


    October 20, 2010 at 2:09 am

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