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James Groce




Preaching is truth on fire.

Preaching is the Word of God in the hand, the fire of God in the heart and the zeal of God in the soul.

Preaching is the gift of God wrapped in an excited voice.

Preaching is the soul of the church.

Preaching is teaching with a tear in the eye.

Preaching is demolition of error.

Preaching is doubt’s healing balm.

Preaching is the Holy Ghost’s amplifier.

Preaching is worship’s entree.

Preaching is the adornment of the Bible.

Preaching is the power of God unto salvation.

Preaching is revival’s forerunner.

Preaching is the church’s heart.

Preaching is doctrine clothed in excitement.

Preaching is love’s smile.

Preaching is sin’s greatest adversary.

Preaching is frustration’s funeral.

Preaching is doubt’s demise.

Preaching is fear’s failure.

Preaching is depression’s death.

Preaching is disappointment’s decline.

Preaching is faith’s food.

Preaching is vocal light.

Preaching is profundity delivered in simplicity.

Preaching is the mender of broken relationships.

Preaching is the healer of broken hearts.

Preaching is the revival of broken dreams.

Preaching is Hell’s greatest enemy.

Preaching is the sinner’s best friend.

Preaching is the saint’s dinner.

Preaching is a rebel’s doom.

Preaching is genius with a halo.

Preaching is fire in the pulpit that melts the ice in the pew.

Preaching is God’s chosen vehicle of salvation.

Preaching saved Nineveh, ignited Pentecost and turned the Judean wilderness into a Holy Ghost revival.

When the man of God approaches the pulpit, let angels stop flying, let Heaven’s hosannas hush, let adults hearken and children listen, let young people be alert, let all ears pay attention, let Heaven respond, let Hell tremble, let the church wait in holy expectation, let all eternity tremble, let Satan and his angels be anointed with fear! As the preacher opens his mouth as he opens the Book … to preach!


Written by Martyn Ballestero

November 17, 2011 at 8:43 am

Posted in Ministry, Pastors

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