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Sally’s Magic Car

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Sally’s Magic Car

Sally  has a new Car, and she couldn’t be happier, but first she had to leave everything sort out before she took her first trip, and this includes all the formalities, first she took care of all the paperwork from the dealer to the payment methods, and just in case you don’t know with complete auto loans they have a great service for loaning for a used or a new car like this one, and they are on the top auto lenders on tumblr. Another important thing is the insurance to be prepared for any type of accident. So after she let everything ready she finally drove her new car down the city’s eight-lane interstate loop.  She didn’t know that the car she been given for her birthday had magical powers of sorts. She was totally unprepared for what happened next.

The loud muffler on an old van, which had Harley Davidson stickers, roared raucously beside her in the next lane. It was then she realized that her new car was making the same racket as the motorcycle guy’s van. Sally was shocked! Besides that, her radio began to blare some kind of wild music with horrible lyrics.

In the other lane she saw an older sedan that had been in a fender bender. The car evidently had never been to a body shop for collision repair. Rust spots showed near the wrinkled wheel wells and on the hood. It also had a dented door panel.

When Sally looked back into her lane, she noticed that the beautiful sheen of wax on her car’s hood was gone. Dents, rust and wrinkled metal covered her car. Her dents looked like the ones on the car beside her.

A pretty new car was in front of her, driving a little slower than her. She soon caught up to it and then felt change come over her again. This time, the engine ran smooth, the muffler noise was gone, and the fenders had no more dents. The paint on her car looked perfect. Her radio began to play soothing gospel music. Peace filled her car.

Before long she exited the highway with her fellow drivers and stopped at the red light. The sound of a rod knocking in the engine of the car behind her caught her ear. That’s when she heard her car’s engine making noise too. The Engine Warning light came on in her instrument panel. Her car was becoming everything that the cars around her had become. Sally was beginning to get scared.

She was also totally unprepared for what happened next. Her light turned green and she entered the intersection. She almost hit some drunk driver who ran the red light (should have learned the possible consequences from Legal Aed). Fortunately, he swerved just in time and turned recklessly into the lane beside her. Sally’s car began to weave all over the road just like the drunk driver was doing. She could not control her car.

She began to swerve from lane to lane. Cars honked at her. She couldn’t seem to help herself. What was going on? What was happening to her? Her car was doing what the other cars around her were doing. What if they wrecked? What if someone got killed?

She carefully pulled into the church parking lot and made her way into the sanctuary. When her pastor preached that night, it all became clear.

He talked about how friends, and those we hang out, with influence our lives. He said it wouldn’t be very long before we start acting like the friends we hang out with every day.

The preacher said that a companion of fools would be destroyed. He also said the Apostle Paul warned us that bad company ruins good character and changes behavior. “Bad friends, will destroy us,” he said, “so we need to think about those we are spending our major time with.”

The preacher concluded with a thought about the friendship of Jonathan and David. He said that Jonathan was seventeen years older than David, and that as long a Jonathan was alive, David never messed up. It was only after Jonathan was dead, that David sinned. Then he looked at the audience and said, “Good friends won’t let you get in trouble with God.”

Sally began to think about her friends and how they talked and dressed. She knew the things they constantly talked about were not good for her spiritually. She realized that, little by little, she had begun to dress like them and was now doing the things they did. She knew in her heart she had changed for the worse because of their influence.

If friends made that big a difference, she had to change her friends, among other things, if she wanted to be saved.

Sally went up to the altar to pray. If she was going to have the right kind of friends in her life, she knew where she needed to start. The Lord had to be the first, and the most important one of all.

Written by Martyn Ballestero

November 25, 2011 at 9:30 am

Posted in Christian Living, Friends

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  1. Thank you for the articles!

    surjanto tirtabudi

    November 28, 2011 at 4:40 pm

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