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What Happens When I Say Amen?

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What Happens When I Say Amen?

In Deuteronomy 27:14-26 is a list of twelve curses. All Israelites were required to say Amen to them when they were read. “And all the people shall say, Amen.” (That is what is written at then end of every Verse.)

The phrase Amen is written twelve times in those twelve verses. Could it be today, that if we say Amen at all, we would only choose to say it when it’s in regards to blessings, healings or revival? I hope not!

The thing that makes this stand out is the fact that the Levites were directed by God to speak to all the men of Israel with a loud voice, while they read the curses contained in this passage. The people then were required to shout Amen back to the preacher and to God.



By Saying Amen Israel Acknowledged To God:

  • They understood the curse.
  • They believed God meant what He said.
  • They accepted what He said.
  • They agreed with what He said.


But, Something Else Happens When We Say Amen!


It Speaks To The Preacher And Encourages Him.

  • He knows someone in the congregation has received the Word of the Lord.
  • He knows someone in the congregation is standing by him.
  • Saying Amen to the preacher is like saying sick ‘em to a dog.


It Speaks To The Saints And Encourages Them.

  • Saying Amen involves everyone in worship.
  • Saying Amen signifies to those around him, that he accepts and believes what was said.
  • Saying Amen makes others feel comfortable to join in.
  • It also signifies to every rebellious church member, where you stand as a Saint.
  • It signifies to everyone, that you are standing by the Book. Not by your Family or your Friends, but by the Book.


It Encourages The Sinner.

  • Saying Amen signifies to the unbeliever that a Truth has just been spoken.
  • Saying Amen says to them, “This is right and this is what I have, and you should have this too.”


You Don’t Say Amen? Why Not?


The Word Amen Is Found Fifty Times In The New Testament? 

  • All but two of the New Testament writers made use of the term.
  • In most of the New Testament books, Amen is used as the final word of that book.


We Have Seen A Change In Our Churches In The Last Generation.

  • Some Have Gone From: Hymns To Contemporary Or Even ‘Christian’  Rock Music;
  • Some Have Gone From: Holiness To Hollywood.
  • Some Have Gone From: Praise To Performance.
  • Some Have Gone From: Saying Amen To Applause.


Why Do We Clap Our Hands Instead Of Saying Amen?

  • The word Clap or Clapped is only mentioned in Eight Verses in the Bible. About half of those were showing disapproval and shame.
  • The Word Amen is used in Seventy-two Verses.


Evidently, some believe that it is OK to hear the Word preached and not say Amen or respond in any verbal form whatsoever. They may justify that position by saying they are afraid they will miss something that the preacher is saying.

I can only imagine how your theory will play out if you use that on your spouse. Go ahead, let them talk for a half hour and you show absolutely no reaction. Let me know how that works out for you. If you wouldn’t do that to a spouse, why do that to God?

I am not sure if I can even get on the same page with some folks, if they claim to have the Holy Ghost and can sit quiet during the preaching. I can’t.

God didn’t require a polite handclap from the audience in my text; he wanted a verbal response. I don’t think He’s changed.

I am also not willing to let my hand clapping be a substitute for saying Amen. If I clap, I will certainly say Amen as well.

Like Jeremiah, I want to feel so much of the Holy Fire shut up in my bones, that I can’t help but say Amen to the Preacher and to the Word of God, whether it instructs me, blesses me or warns me.


If I Don’t Say Amen – My spirit feels like it is showing rebellion or disapproval of what is being said.

If I Don’t Say Amen – I feel like I am not joining in.

If I Don’t Say Amen – I feel condemned.

If I Don’t Say Amen – I feel backslidden.


If I Don’t Say Amen – I know that God is watching.

If I Don’t Say Amen – I know that the Pastor is watching

If I Don’t Say Amen – I know that my Family is watching

If I Don’t Say Amen –I know that the Saints are watching

If I Don’t Say Amen – I know that the Visitors are watching

If I Don’t Say Amen – I know that the Devil is watching


Now, Tell Me Again Why You Can’t Say Amen?

Written by Martyn Ballestero

November 20, 2012 at 12:31 am