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The Unreasonable Demands Of Sin

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The Unreasonable Demands Of Sin

Mark 10:17-27-  The Rich Young Ruler felt Christ’s demands were unreasonable!

  • So, You think the Church makes unreasonable demands on you?
  • Before you get the mindset that God’s is unreasonable, let me tell you about the Unreasonable Demands Of Sin.

There are Unreasonable Demands of Life

Keep up w/Jones’s, Car Model changes,

School Busing,

No Prayer in Schools

The Unreasonable Demands Of Life Are A Given. Let’s Talk About The Unreasonable Demands Of Sin.

Sin Wanted:

  • Eve to Question and Disobey God. = (The Loss of God’s Fellowship)
  • Noah’s Gen. to Ignore Only Saving message = (The loss of your life.)
  • Naboth to sell his vineyard = (Lose your heritage)
  • Daniel to stop praying = (Lose your consecration
  • 3 Hebrew Children to bow down = (Lose your worship)
  • That was a long time ago.
  • Let’s Talk About The Unreasonable Demands of Sin Today.

Sin Demands:

  1. Your Innocence
  2. The Early Loss of Your Virginity to be accepted by the world, the in-crowd.
  3. Sin wishes to devalue you in your own eyes and the eyes of others.

Style Demands:

  1. You dress a certain way ——- even if you look stupid.
  2. Wear expensive clothes ——- even if you can’t afford to.
  3. That Holiness be ignored.
  4. That you wear things that God calls an abomination.  (Everyone’s doing it)
  5. That clothes be designed without the church in mind.

Drugs Demand:

  1. You support an expensive habit, even if you don’t want to.
  2. You do whatever you have to do to get the money
    • Sell your body for more drugs.
    • Steal
    • Get a criminal record
    • Become HIV positive (dirty needles)
    • Live a lie
  3. Change into a crazed animal at times
  4. Be abusive to others
  5. Birth children with serious birth defects
  6. Risk losing the ones that love you
  7. Warp your personality
  8. Damage your ability to think clearly
  9. Fry your brains for life.

Alcohol Demands:

  1. You destroy your family
  2. Your marriage go on the rocks
  3. You choose the Bottle over your family
  4. You miss work,
    • Lose your Job
    • Lose your career
    • Consider homelessness an option
    • Damage your vital organs
    • Destroy your liver
  5. You Lose your Driver’s license  and possibly your freedom

Smoking Demands:

  1. You knowingly kill yourself
  2. You jeopardize your health and those around you
  3. You breath stink
  4. Your teeth to turn yellow
  5. Your fingers to stain
  6. Your Hair, clothes, car, house, smell like an ash tray
  7. You turn your lungs into cancer containers.
  8. That kissing you is like licking an ashtray.

Your Temper Demands:

  1. You always have to get your way to be happy.
  2. That you become physical in your anger.
  3. That your family fear you and your violent nature.
  4. That your friends fear you too.
  5. You get offended easily and say things that you’ll regret.
  6. That submission becomes a constant issue.

Your Lust Demands:

  1. Gratification, regardless of the cost.
  2. You risk your health
  3. You risk your reputation
  4. You risk your soul
  5. You disregard risk of embarrassment or injury to your friends, church, family

Your Perversion Demands:

  1. That you become without natural affection
  2. That you live in a closet of deception all your life.
  3. That you continually risk your health
  4. That you continually risk HIV infection
  5. That you continually risk the violent reactions of others
  6. That you live in fear of being outed
  7. That you live a lifestyle that God hates
  8. That you live in fear of rejection by your family and others.
  9. That not only are your desires perverted, your mind is too.
  10. That you get in conflict with the laws of Man and the laws of God.

Your Rebellion Demands

  1. That Pride becomes your motivation
  2. That you ignore God’s Word and God’s Man.
  3. That your spirit be used of the Devil to hinder Revival in the Church
  4. That you feel more comfortable with Self Will than God’s Will
  5. That you bring the Judgment of God on yourself
  6. That Godly people discern your spirit and distance themselves from you.
  7. That you fall into the category of “a worker of iniquity”
  8. That you tempt the Lord every time you open your mouth

Hollywood Demands:

  1. You accept it’s morality
  2. Your senses become hardened by:
    • Murder
    • Violence
    • Vulgarity
    • Nudity
    • Pre-marital Sex
    • Infidelity
    • Perversion
    • Humanistic values
  3. It Demands Christians be portrayed as:
    • Nerds
    • Wicked and Hypocritical people
    • Churches be put in a bad light
    • Preachers are always bad people

Sin Demands that you:

  1. Doubt God, but trust your sinner friends.
  2. Disobey God
  3. Not Fear God
  4. Not Love God with all your heart
  5. Accept what God rejects.
  6. Ignore God
  7. Make light of God’s Word
  8. Ignore God’s Call
  9. You reject God

Sin Demands you:

  1. That you miss church
  2. That you get a job that helps you miss church
  3. That you justify worldly friends
  4. That you feel like God doesn’t love you
  5. That you feel like The Church doesn’t love you
  6. That you feel like the Pastor doesn’t love you
  7. That you believe sinful living is really freedom.

Sin Demands Your:

  1. Involvement
    • Your participation, physically/emotionally
    • That you recruit others
    • That you not go to hell alone
    • That when you did go to church to had no desire to recruit others.
  2. Time
  3. Finances  – That you throw money to the devil, but have a problem with tithes
  4. Acceptance  – Become addicted
  5. Life
  6. Future

Sin Demands that You Live In:

  1. Bondage
  2. Condemnation
  3. Shame
  4. Guilt
  5. Regret
  6. Reproach
  7. In Fear of Dying

Sin Demands You:

  1. Reject God’s Love
  2. It’s wages
  3. Go to Hell
  4. Feel Uncomfortable in Church
  5. Feel Uncomfortable in the presence of God
  6. Become hardened in your heart
  7. Believe a lie and be damned
  8. You backslide
  9. Get rebellious
  10. Lose your testimony
  • If your Boss was Unreasonable, you’d quit
  • If your Neighbors were Unreasonable, you’d move
  • If the Gas Station’s prices were Unreasonable, you’d go elsewhere
  • If the Restaurant’s prices were Unreasonable, you’d go elsewhere
  • Sin is Unreasonable, You NEED to go Elsewhere

Sin Demands You consider Heaven’s Demands Unreasonable!

The Reasonableness of Serving God

  1. Yoke is easy
  2. Burden light
  3. Heaven is better than Hell
  4. God blesses you daily
  5. Great is your reward in Heaven
  6. Here is as bad as it gets
  7. God fights your battles
  8. God supplies your needs
  9. God directs your steps
  10. God gives you peace
  11. Guilt is gone
  12. Your sins are forgiven

Rom. 12:1-2   Holiness is reasonable

  • Obeying God is reasonable
  • Faith is reasonable
  • Worship is reasonable
  • Tithing is reasonable
  • The New Birth Message is reasonable
  • Witnessing is reasonable
  • Fearing God is reasonable ……(the beginning of wisdom)

Sin’s demands at best, can only bring temporary pleasure

What’s Unreasonable about:

  1. God’s Love
  2. God’s Mercy
  3. God’s Protection
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Having your sins washed away in Jesus Name
  6. Being filled with the Spirit
  7. Heaven
  8. Letting God Guide you
  9. Letting God comfort you
  • Say Good-bye to the Sinning Business
  • Say Hello to the Reasonableness of living for God

What’s Reasonable About:

  1. Resisting God?
  2. Neglecting your Soul?
  3. Refusing Divine Help?
  4. Running from God?
  5. Ignoring God’s Love?
  6. Living in fear of the Judgment
  7. Living in fear of the Rapture
  8. Living without peace in your soul
  9. Being lost in eternity
  10. Saying goodbye to Salvation

Get Your eyes open to the fact that God loves you,

That the Devil doesn’t love you, he desires you.

  • It’s Reasonable to respond to the love of God.
  • It’s Reasonable to Give Him your heart.
  • It’s Reasonable to Surrender your will to Him
  • It’s Reasonable to Obey His Word.
  • It’s Reasonable to Live for God.
  • It’s Reasonable to Live Holy
  • It’s Reasonable to Dress Holy
  • It’s Reasonable to show the World, by how we act and dress, that we belong to God.
  • When we were in Sin, we showed God who we belonged to, by how we acted and dressed.)

God hasn’t asked you to do some hard thing.

Here is what he’s asked you to do, it’s found in ACTS 2:38

  1. Repent
  2. Get Baptized
  3. Receive The Gift of the Holy Ghost…Speaking with other tongues

Let Him fill you today.

Live For Him! It’s Not Hard!

Written by Martyn Ballestero

August 6, 2010 at 7:10 pm

Posted in Christian Living, Sin

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  1. Another great epistle, Elder!

    Timothy Bass

    August 7, 2010 at 9:38 am

  2. Loved this post.


    August 14, 2010 at 12:21 am

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